UPS New England Supplemental Negotiating Committee

Today the International held a conference call for local unions regarding the upcoming balloting process for the vote on the UPS Master and Supplemental Agreement.

The ballots are tentatively scheduled to be sent to members the week of Labor Day. Members will have the option of voting either through a secure website or over the telephone using the individual and unique “credential code.”

Each New England UPS Teamster member will receive a ballot package that includes:

  • Voting Notice and Instructions which will include the voters unique credential code
  • Voting Guide that will include the two questions:
    • o Vote Yes/No on the Master
    • o Vote Yes/No on the Supplement
  • A summary and Q+A of the National Master Tentative Agreement from the International
  • A copy of the National Master Tentative Agreement and a copy of the New England Supplement
  • A script that will match the instructions a voter would hear if they choose to vote over the telephone
  • A “Ballot” which will match what an online voter will see if they choose to vote online.

The balloting period will be open for a minimum of 21 days.

If after seven days, a member has NOT received a ballot, members will be able to request a new “credential” code through their local union.

Depending on the mailing schedule the vote will be counted sometime in the last week of September or the first week of October.  The current balloting schedule is fluid, due to the intricacies and complications involved in printing more than 250,000 ballot packages that will include millions of printed pages.  Once the International releases the exact mailing and count dates the Joint Council will notify its members through social media and other channels.

Download PDF here


Teamster Joint Council 10 UPS locals unanimously recommend a NO vote of the Tentative National Master Agreement and a YES vote on the New England Supplemental Agreement.