The future is now in Boston. As 2018 begins, members of Teamsters Local 25 Futures Committee aren’t just making resolutions. They’re about action.

“Young people aren’t learning about unions. And we’re failing to teach them. That can’t continue,” said Ross McDonagh, a Teamsters future member who works as a deckhand at Boston Towing and Transportation. “So instead of moaning about how bad everything is, we’re mobilizing younger members.”

Founded in 2014 the committee is open to any Teamster under the age of 40. It meets at 9:15 a.m. just prior to the monthly general membership meeting each month.

“When the board authorized the committee, we wanted them to have autonomy. We tasked them with doing community activism and political action, but the rest was up to them,” said Sean O’Brien, Teamsters Local 25 President and International Vice President. “In two years, they’ve taken the responsibility seriously.”

Just look at the results from 2017, Futures members have:

• Hosted New Member Orientations
• Stood with the members of Independent/Boston Pipe who struck for 60 days over the summer.
• Assisted across Joint Council 10 in disaster relief efforts for Texas and Puerto Rico
• Supported Local 170 members at Quality Beverage
• Supported Local 251 members at AirGas and Rhode Island Hospital
• Attended the Massachusetts Democratic Convention
• Road tripped to Long Island New York to support Local 812 Teamsters on strike
• Leafleted at WB Mason South Boston in support of newly organized members
• Organized a “Futures Hangout” at Boston Bowl, which raised more that $1,000 for the Dorchester Boys and Girls Club.

The group has also begun a project to document “Teamster Stories” to ensure Teamster voices aren’t just heard but remembered.

Additionally, the committee is reaching out to other Teamster and other union locals and encouraging them to form their own committees. If you are interested in joining the committee or getting more information attend Futures meeting or email Tl25futures@gmail.com for more information.

“Everything begins and ends with the membership,” McDonagh said. “If we don’t step up and do it, who else will?”

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