Teamsters Local 251 Driving School

Right on schedule!

Huge congratulations to Jeff Thomas, one of our brothers who works for Mondelez/Nabisco in N Smithfield RI!

Through the Real Jobs RI grant we have expanded our outreach and will be training all of those drivers at Nabisco that need to upgrade or obtain their CDL licenses.

As always we want to the the RI DLT, Real Jobs RI team, and the administration of Teamsters Local 251. We would also be remiss to fail and mention 251’s Business Agent who represents Mondelez, Steve Fredette in helping to secure this opportunity for those drivers (including Jeff) who will benefit through out trainig here at the school.

Everyone here including the Director, staff and active trainees want to wish Jeff the best in his future and look forward to see him on our LOCAL roadways in the very near future!!

If you or someone you know would like more information on how to go about getting a CDL as a Teamster member that could change a life for the better the driving school will be hosting an open house tomorrow at 11am.