SYSCO Teamsters Assistance Fund

SYSCO Teamsters Assistance Fund monies shall be used, subject to availability, of funds in accordance with eligibility guidelines as established by the SYSCO Workers assistance committee to protect as many members as possible from hardship, loss of shelter, utility or health care services.

Members will apply to Working Partnerships for help on a first-come, first served basis by calling, texting, or emailing the dedicated fund contact(s) to set up a time for a brief intake of information.

Copies of bills and/or notices of possible eviction or foreclosure, proofs of past due rent or mortgage, or notices of possible utility shutoff should be provided to Working Partnerships.

Priority will be given to those who have not found another job and/or who are not able to get covered under a spouse’s health insurance.

Funds are meant to be used to relieve hardship incurred as a result of/during the strike period.

The fund will be used for:

    • Rent/mortgage. Prevent possible eviction or foreclosure or utility termination.
    • Utility payment
    • Medical (hospital, pharmacy, equipment) payment
    • Insurance- health, car- keep insurance active
    • Car loan payment
    • Student loan payment
    • Phone/internet payment
  • OTHER USES. The fund will be used to distribute union grocery store gift cards for hunger relief (in addition to other local food resources referred), and gas cards to help get to worker and union meetings, medical appointments, and seek temporary or permanent work.

CONFIDENTIALITY. All contact between Working Partnerships and striking workers will remain confidential unless otherwise requested by the worker or if authorization is provided by the worker.

GRANTS TO VENDORS. Payment from the Assistance Fund shall be made directly to the vendor, creditor, landlord or service provider unless otherwise authorized*. No cash will be distributed.

APPROVAL & ADVISEMENT. No payment will be made from the Assistance Fund without prior approval of Working Partnerships under advisement of the assistance committee.

INDIVIDUAL LIMITS. No cash to be issued.  Eligible members will receive up to $500.00 a month up to three months for a lifetime total of $1500.00. Limits may increase or decrease based on availability of funds, under advisement of the assistance committee.

These guidelines may be amended at any time with the approval of the SYSCO Workers assistance committee, Mike Clark of Teamsters Local #653, Mark May of Teamsters Local #317,  and other local unions as assigned by Warehouse Division Director Tom Erickson.


NOTE: GRANTS WILL NOT BE DISBURSED FOR THE FOLLOWING: Union dues, taxes, cable television.

*Authorization will be made on a general or case-by-case basis by the SYSCO Workers Assistance Committee (Listed above)


Working Partnerships will host the fund.


Checks should be made out to: “Working Partnerships” and put the full name of the fund or “SYSCO” in the memo.

Send to:

Working Partnerships
312 Central Ave, Ste 542
Minneapolis, MN 55414
Attn: SYSCO Teamsters Assistance Fund

The Fund is currently accepting checks only. Should additional methods of donation be needed in the future, an online portal for individual donors and instructions for wire transfers/ACH deposits will be made available.