National UPS rally at Teamsters Boston

New England Teamster Local Unions were well represented this morning in Boston where Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckernan held a National UPS rally at Teamsters Boston that was live-streamed.
“We have 15 days before we sit across the table from this white collar crime syndicate known as UPS. We will not take and accept what UPS gives us. We are going to demand, take, and punish if UPS doesn’t give us what we deserve,” said General President O’Brien. “I’ve met with UPS members all over the country. They’ve got fire in their eyes, burning desire in their belly to take on this company.”
“UPS Teamsters have given their sweat equity to this company over the last five years and sacrificed during the pandemic. Now it’s time for UPS to pay up. There will be no concessions in this contract,” said Teamsters Local 25 President and Joint Council 10 Secretary-Treasurer Tom Mari.
“We started this battle with UPS back in August,” General Secretary-Treasurer Zuckerman said. “I am working with the best General President today. He’s tough. He’s tough when he tells the company we will settle for nothing less than a strong contract. No concessions…If we don’t have the contract you deserve on August 1, there will be no UPS Teamster working on August 1. If UPS doesn’t deliver, we will pick a fight with this company.”
You can watch the rally here: ibt.io/UPSApril2Rally
“All UPS cares about is the bottom of their balance sheet,” O’Brien said. “So when we go to the table, there will be no niceties. We’ll have rank-and-file members on the committee calling out this company. We are not afraid to shut down UPS…Our message to UPS is simple: when you take on 350,000 UPS Teamsters, 1.2 million Teamsters across the country, buckle your chin strap because it’s a full contact sport.”