This morning striking Teamster Republic Services workers who held the line for 84 days voted to end their strike against the company.

After months of the company’s anti-worker mistreatment, the group expressed their desire never to work for Republic whether they were able to achieve a contract or not. Local 25 will find the strikers jobs in Teamster-covered industries with Teamster pensions and health and welfare benefits.

The group struck August 29 following months of fruitless negotiations with Republic for a first contract. The group extended picket lines to cities around the country, brought the fight to shareholders and maintained the line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on Route 139 in Marshfield.

“A small group in Marshfield, Massachusetts had the stones to take on a mammoth corporation. Working Teamsters and their local unions across the nation backed them every day. That is a point of pride,” said Sean O’Brien, Teamster Local 25 President.

“Local 25 will continue to work with locals to build a long-term, national strategic network to fight the white-collar criminals who run Republic. I want to thank the members of Teamsters Local 25, Joint Council 10 and all of the Teamsters and union supporters everywhere for standing with these brave workers. This is just one battle in a long war that we will win.”