This morning Teamsters Local 25 held our annual Workers’ Memorial Day ceremony. April 28 is a day to remember workers who have died, been injured, or made ill or disabled from their work.
This year we honored the lives of two Local 25 Movie Division members who died this past year:
* Paul Woodward, age 67, died of Covid-19 on April 18, 2021. Paul was a 40-year-Teamster, having worked as an oil truck driver and in the Movie Division
* Michael Gagnon, age 49, died suddenly while working on set September 22, 2021. Mike was a 23-year-Teamster, having worked for Aggregate Industries, and also in the Movie Division
The names of Brother Paul Woodward and Brother Michael Gagnon are now engraved on the Teamsters Local 25 Memorial Stone. This stone stands tall outside our Union Hall as a tribute to these workers, but also as a call to action to never forget their sacrifices. Brother Woodward and Brother Gagnon are the reason we fight – and will continue to fight – for better and safer working conditions.