UPS Negotiations Update



Negotiations in New England have been going very slowly. UPS management is demanding many concessions from our members. Teamster leadership across New England will not accept and or agree to any concession proposed by the Company.

UPS is a profitable company and we are concerned with our members who work hard day in and day out to make this Company the success they are. Improving the bottom line and corporate balance sheets will not compromise the integrity of our Members contract during these negotiations. The labor of Teamster members built this company and the people performing the labor MUST be recognized and rewarded.

UPS is not taking these negotiations seriously. This will not be tolerated in these negotiations. Your bargaining committee will continue to fight and improve our UPS Supplement.

Here are a few facts:


  • Initial Negotiations commenced on 10/30/17


  • We have met seven (7) times in five (5) months. We have requested four (4) more dates with no response (info attached)


  • The Company has yet to respond to 61 percent of our proposals (info attached)


  • The Company rejected 27 percent of our proposals with no counter offer provided


The Company wants to take away the following:

  • Five (5) consecutive workdays and work a Sunday schedule for straight time


  • Eliminate the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday


  • Eliminate 1/52 for vacation earnings


  • Proposed eight-month Casual Drivers further elimination of full time permanent jobs


  • Seniority for Workers comp or disability


  • 9 month discipline window (extending it to 12 months)


Economics such as Health and Welfare, Pension, and Wages have yet to be discussed.  New England Teamsters demand that UPS stop screwing around and come to the table to bargain fairly. The clock is ticking.