Local 251

Matt Taibi
Matt is the Local 251 Principal Officer. He represents UPS Teamsters on the Twi and Night shifts & Feeder drivers, as well as members at Bimbo/Entemann’s Bakery, Frito Lay, Greenville Water, Mondelez, Praxair, Sco Val Mobile Wash and Teamsters in the Movie Industry. Brother Taibi is Co-Chair of the Teamsters Local 251 Health Services & Insurance Plan; is on the Executive Committee of the RI AFL-CIO; is on the Executive Board of the Providence Central Federated Council AFL-CIO; is on the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Labor Studies & Research; and is Chairman of the Teamsters Local 251 Charity Fund.

Contact Matt Taibi at 401-434-0454 ext. 227 or by email at mtaibi.ibt251@gmail.com

Teamsters Local 251
121 Brightridge Ave.
East Providence, RI 02914

401-434-0454 (Phone)
401-431-1893 (Fax)