Local 170

About the Teamsters Union Local 170

The Secretary-Treasurer/Principal Officer of Teamsters Union Local 170 is Shannon R. George. Local 170 is located in Worcester, Massachusetts (the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts") and has been helping the working class and the community since 1933.

Teamsters Union Local 170 negotiates contracts for better benefits and favorable working conditions for employees just like you. We are very dedicated to serving the needs of our community. We benefit those around us through our various annual events and volunteer committees. Local 170 continues to be a leader in forming better relationships between management and employees. You always have a voice in your workplace when you are a member of the Teamsters Union Local 170.

Our history and experience speaks for itself. We are consistently growing and providing our support to employees just like you. Local 170 has become a force that employers cannot ignore.

We represent employees from many different industries such as: transportation, grocery, sand & gravel, beer & liquor, construction, warehouse, clerical employees, bread & bakery, teacher aides, police officers, firefighters, bus drivers and many more.

Teamsters Union Local 170 has many volunteer committees dedicated to serving the local community. Among them are the Blood Bank Committee, Scholarship Fund Committee, Organizing Committee, Parade Committee, Political Action Committee and the Community Services Committee. These Committees all have different focuses and all work diligently to benefit our communities.

For more information about Local 170 please contact us at organizing@teamsters170.com, or (508) 799-0551 (Ext.312) or toll free at 1-800-443-2228.

Teamsters Local 170
330 Southwest Cutoff
Suite 201
Worcester, MA 01604 

(508) 799-0551